Integrating European Infrastructure to support science and development of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies towards European Strategy for Sustainable Competitive and Secure Energy
H2FC European Infrastructure Project

The EC Network of Excellence for Hydrogen Safety HySAFE contributed to the safe transition to a more sustainable development in Europe by facilitating the safe introduction of hydrogen technologies and applications.
EC Project HySAFE

TrainHy-Prof: Building Training Programmes for Young Professionals in the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Field
EC Project TrainHy-Prof

Pre-normative research on the indoor use of fuel cells and hydrogen systems
EC Project HyIndoor

SUpport to SAfety ANalysis of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies (SUSANA)

Harmonization of Regulations, Codes and Standards for a sustainable Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology
EC Project HarmonHy 

Handbook for approval of hydrogen refuelling stations
EC Project HyApproval