Other relevant news and events such as conferences, courses, workshops, exhibitions e.g. JESS, ICHS, ISFEH, HySafe Research Priorities Workshop, etc.

5th Annual conference: Innovation In Tunnels 2019

Enigma Consulting Group has announced the date and venue for the 5th Annual Conference Innovation in tunnelsConstruction, Maintenance, Safety & Fire Protection (TSFP) 2019:

13-14 November, Chamonix, France

Innovation in tunnels 2019 edition includes a tour of the Mont Blanc Tunnel to observe the vigorous training the firefighters endure daily and access the control room:

15 November, Tour of Mont Blanc Tour

Check out the Delegate Agenda and conference website https://www.tunnelsconference.com/ for more information!

9th International Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Security – ISTSS 2020

After a successful edition in Sweden, the ISTSS event for 2020 has been announced:

11-13 March 2020, Munich, Germany

All experts working with safety and security of tunnels and underground spaces are invited to join this international symposium and exchange their experiences.

Check out the website https://istss.se/ for more information and important dates!