Internal seminar on knowledge and technology exchange

Date and venue: 10th September 2019, Leonardo Hotel, Karlsruhe, Germany.

The aim of the internal seminar is to exchange available knowledge on hydrogen safety and first responders’ intervention strategies and tactics. First responders’ concerns and questions in dealing with accidents involving hydrogen powered vehicles in tunnels and other confined spaces were collected and presented by IFA representative, C. Brauner. The consortium and Stakeholders Advisory Board members were invited to the seminar to actively respond to the fire services questions about hydrogen hazards and associated risks, and contribute to the seminar outcomes. Totally, 25 attendees participated to the event.

The seminar was chaired by C. Brauner and it was moderated by V. Molkov and T. Jordan.

The presentations and discussion during day were structured around the following pillars:

  • Existing strategies, tactics and procedures. Overview: nowadays best practices, recommendations, case studies, tactical options, fire services possibilities and limitations.
  • Definition of scenarios. Structure and purpose of scenarios used by fire services for education, planning and incident command. Define parameters useful to firefighters and scientific advisors.
  • Discussion of scenarios. Find a basic tactical approach to each scenario. For each scenario decision shall be made on: evacuation values, protection values, removal/ elimination of the hazard, retreat.
  • Reduction of the complexity of the selected scenarios.
  • Definition of the open questions for project partners.

The notes of the seminar (Milestone 5.1) are included in deliverable 5.1 “Report on existent intervention strategies and tactics for first responders”.