2nd Progress meeting


Date and venue: 4th-6th February 2020, CAES centre, Aussois, France

The 2nd progress meeting was hosted by French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) on the 4th-6th February 2020. The meeting venue was the CAES centre in Aussois, France.

The project meeting saw participation of 28 members of the consortium who reported the progress of the research activities across the eight Work Packages (WPs). 10 members of the SAB participated to the meeting providing insightful and strategical advice to the Technical Committee to maximise the impacts of the project outcomes.

During the project meeting, the consortium and SAB members were invited to visit the site that will be used by CEA for conducting experiments

HyTunnel-CS consortium and SAB members at the 2nd progress meeting in Aussois, France.

Introduction to TELT tunnel visit.