The Hydrogen Incident and Accident Database (Hiad-DB) is a European knowledge base and reporting regime to assist industry and authorities in better understanding the relevance of hydrogen-related incidents and accidents as well as the safety actions taken.

H2Incidents is a database-driven website intended to facilitate the sharing of lessons learned and other relevant information gained from actual experiences using and working with hydrogen.
Hydrogen Incidents Database

The goal of this project is to compile, catalogue and present experimental data on gaseous detonations including cell width, critical tube diameter, initiation energy, and minimum tube diameter.
Detonation database of Joe Shepherd

The Hydrogen Safety Bibliographic Database provides references to reports, articles, books, and other resources for information on hydrogen safety as it relates to production, storage, distribution, and use.
US DoE Hydrogen Safety Bibliographic Database

Technical Reference for Hydrogen Compatibility of Materials, Sandia National Laboratories (US)
Material compatibility