Kick-off 26-28 Mar 2019

Kick-off meeting

The kick-off project meeting was hosted by Ulster University on the 26th-28th March 2019. During the project meeting, the members of the consortium proceeded with a detailed presentation of its activities across the eight Work Packages (WPs). The reported project planning and progress was reviewed, and the strategies to follow DoA and maximise the potential impacts of the project research outcomes were assessed and agreed. The first day of the meeting was dedicated to the introduction of the consortium partner experience in the field and discussion of the management structure of the project. The second and third days of the meeting gave insights into the technical details of the project implementation. The Stakeholders Advisory Board (SAB), who are at the same time representatives of National Network (NN), were invited to the project meeting to get familiar with the project activities and advice on the strategic and technical implementation presented during the consortium meeting.

HyTunnel-CS consortium and SAB members at the kick-off meeting in Belfast, 28th March 2019.

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