Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

(Please note the list below contains standards and guidance documents)

  • J1766 Recommended Practice for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Systems Crash Integrity Testing
  • J2572 Recommended Practice for Measuring Fuel Consumption and Range of Fuel Cell and Hybrid Fuel Cell Vehicles Fuelled by Compressed Gaseous Hydrogen
  • J2574 Fuel Cell Vehicle Terminology
  • J2578 Recommended Practice for General Fuel Cell Vehicle Safety
  • J2579 Technical Information Report for Fuel Systems in Fuel Cell and Other Hydrogen Vehicles
  • J2594 Recommended Practice to Design for Recycling Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell Systems
  • J2600 Compressed Hydrogen Surface Vehicle Refueling Connection Devices
  • J2601 Fuelling Protocols for Light Duty Gaseous Hydrogen Surface Vehicles
  • J2615 Testing Performance of Fuel Cell Systems for Automotive Applications
  • J2616 Testing Performance of the Fuel Processor Subsystem of An Automotive Fuel Cell System
  • J2617 Recommended Practice for Testing Performance of PEM Fuel Cell Stack Subsystem for Automotive Applications
  • J2719 Information Report on the Development of a Hydrogen Quality Guideline for Fuel Cell Vehicles
  • J2799 70 MPa Compressed Hydrogen Surface Vehicle Fuelling Connection Device and Optional Vehicle to Station Communications