WP6 – Synthesis, outreach and dissemination

WP6 – Synthesis, outreach and dissemination

HyTunnel-CS key results will be translated into suitable formats for dissemination to multiple audiences, including the media and the public, in a strategic and effective manner to underpin the exploitation of the HyTunnel-CS technological outcomes to the following main groups of stakeholders related to: tunnel technologies, hydrogen technologies, emergency services. WP6 is led by FHa and targets the following objectives:

•   Develop holistic understanding of hydrogen interaction with tunnel safety equipment and the special geometries of confined spaces based on unique experimental, theoretical and numerical results.

•   Develop recommendations for inherently safer use of hydrogen vehicles in underground traffic systems.

•   Prepare performance-based requirements to regulators and SDOs in the form of commonly agreed, scientifically based recommendations for the update of relevant RCS.

•   Disseminate project results to stakeholders, through established communication channels with relevant national and international experts and bodies, involved SDOs, regulators, etc.