WP5 – First responders’ intervention

WP5 – First responders’ intervention strategies and tactics for hydrogen accidents in underground transportation systems and risk assessment

The PNR research findings from WPs 2-4 will be translated into suitable information, guidelines and recommendations for first responders intervening in an accident involving hydrogen-powered vehicles in tunnels or other confined spaces. The work of WP5 is led by IFA and targets the following objectives:

•   Examine and supplement available knowledge in such a way that it can be taught to all first responders and can also be practically applied by them.

•   Carry out awareness training for fire, police and rescue services related to hydrogen hazards in underground transportation systems.

•   Review of strategies, tactics and procedures for incidents/accidents involving hydrogen-powered cars and hydrogen delivery vehicles in underground transportation systems.

•   Prepare harmonised recommendations for intervention strategies and tactics for first responders providing conditions for their life safety and to maximise property protection.

•   Develop and validate risk assessment tools for the accidental behaviour of hydrogen in tunnels.