6th Edition of Innovation in Tunnels: Construction, Maintenance, Safety & Fire Protection 2020


Enigma Consulting Group has announced the date and venue for the next Conference Innovation in tunnelsConstruction, Maintenance, Safety & Fire Protection (TSFP) 2020

1-2 April, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The conference will cover the following topics:

  • Cost effective solutions for building tunnel projects
  • Non-conventional Equipment and New Technologies
  • The impact of Electric cars to the fire safety design of tunnel and underground facilities
  • Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) to support Tunnel Security from CBRN risks
  • Emergency escape doors – are they fit for purpose?
  • Impact of automatic earthing protection systems on the safety in case of railway tunnel fires

Innovation in tunnels 2020 edition includes a tour of the newly built tunnel in The Netherlands: 

3 April, Technical Tour of the Maastricht Tunnel

Check out the Delegate Agenda and conference website https://www.tunnelsconference.com/ for more information!

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